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Kąkolewo aerodrome was established in the 1960s by the decision of the Minister of National Defence as a military aerodrome, first as a diversion aerodrome for the 45th Fighter Squadron in Babimost, and then for the 62nd Fighter Squadron in Krzesiny. The aerodrome also secured the operation of other air units, including Wrocław (Wrocław-Strachowice) and Sochaczew (Bielice).

Between 1971 and 1972, an asphalt-concrete runway, taxiways and an apron adapted to take MiG-21 fighter jets and additional technical infrastructure were built. The aerodrome’s facilities in the form of barracks were located north of the aerodrome on the way to the village of Kąkolewo. The building housed a kitchen, a canteen, a guardroom, a commander’s and chief’s room, a porter’s lodge, an office, as well as a weapons storeroom, a company chief’s storeroom, a room for technical personnel (radars), soldiers’ rooms, a community room, toilets and bathrooms. During the entire period of the aerodrome’s operation, 30-35 soldiers served there.

After 1996, the Polish Army ceased to use the aerodrome, which was liquidated and the area passed into private hands.

In 2015, Poznan Aero Club initiated the process of restoring the original function of this area by registering Kąkolewo landing site. In April 2017, Poznan Wanda Modlibowska Aero Club became the owner of the property where the aerodrome is located, and on 18 July 2019, by the decision of the Civil Aviation Authority, Kąkolewo Aerodrome (EPPG) was entered into the register of public aerodromes.