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Air travel is the youngest and a dynamically developing branch of transport. Its main operation criteria include high speed and comfort of flights, falling ticket prices as well as meeting ecological requirements (noise and exhaust emissions). Flight safety, which is the main condition for further development, requires the continuous modernisation of the fleet and the extension of ground-based navigation systems and airport equipment. As a sector of the economy that requires perfect and well-thought-out solutions, aviation is the driving force and catalyst for the development of many industries and technologies.

The use of modern and innovative structures, technological and organisational solutions will have a significant effect on increasing safety in aviation related to air traffic and air operations. It will also reduce its impact on the environment (noise and CO2 emissions). Recipients of new technologies are already such entities as: Police, Border Guard, State Fire Service, surveying services.
For such a dynamically developing branch of transport, in order to guarantee properly trained professional staff and to meet market expectations, it will be necessary to develop new solutions connected with training pilots, mechanics, passenger traffic staff, airport maintenance or air traffic controllers.

Such expectations are reflected in the joint initiative of Poznan University of Technology, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre and Poznan Aero Club realised in cooperation with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency under the name “KĄKOLEWO CAMPUS”.

The aim of the project is to build a Kąkolewo aerodrome-based specialised centre with a supraregional impact related to aviation training for pilots, aircraft mechanics and air traffic controllers as well as conducting scientific, research and development work for the needs of civil aviation.

In order for “KAKOLEWO CAMPUS” to be able to achieve the intended goals, it is necessary to develop an investment plan related to technical and transport infrastructure.