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The aerodrome in Kąkolewo combines several functions. First and foremost, it aims at implementing the statutory tasks of Poznan Aero Club and Poznan University of Technology. It pursues training and teaching functions related to sports and scientific-research activity that supports the development of aviation.

As a public aerodrome, Kąkolewo is available for General Aviation aircraft by providing commercial activities related to their operation. With the observed rapid development of this area of aviation, Kąkolewo aerodrome, thanks to good communication with Poznań via the A2 and the S5 expressways, is an alternative to General Aviation traffic in view of the increased intensity of operations related to airliners and charter flights, e.g. Poznań-Ławica Airport.

An appropriate-length concrete runway, together with a system of taxiways and infrastructure including operational, hangar and technical facilities (a fuel station, maintenance, etc.) make Kąkolewo an attractive aerodrome in the area of Poznań. In order to increase the attractiveness of the facility for commercial aviation (including corporate jets, charter flights, air-taxi), it is planned to extend it with infrastructure allowing for year-round operation, also in difficult weather conditions. This applies, above all, to aeronautical fixed service, radio navigation aids, runway and taxiway lighting, approach lights, deicing service, etc. Round-the-clock operational readiness will require the provision of operational services (e.g. flight information, apron and technical infrastructure management service).

The aerodrome in Kąkolewo is also a site where public services aviation units, including Police, Medical Air Rescue, agricultural aviation, fire-fighting aviation, may be introduced. This type of activity is characterised by a relatively small number of air operations, which does not interfere with the use of the aerodrome for sports, training or commercial functions. At the same time, the existence of public services underlines the serving character of the aerodrome and its role for the local community.