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Research ground

Thanks to its ground-based aerodrome infrastructure in the form of an asphalt runway and taxiways, Kąkolewo offers scientific units, research entities and design offices an opportunity to conduct field tests and trials at the aerodrome.

So far the research work conducted at the aerodrome has included, among others, tests of vehicles in motion in range of their functional characteristics (dynamics, performance, braking capacity, steering, stability), durability of devices and materials used for electric vehicles and aerodynamic tests of trucks.

The research work also concerned the calibration and standardisation of measuring road devices (measurements of roughness, geometric features and monitoring of subsoil degradation) and testing machines used to remove rubber from runways.

The character and scale of these studies depended on the research programme of each institution. Their implementation would not be possible at commercial airports or on roads where normal automobile traffic takes place. However, in Kąkolewo, thanks to the Aeroport coordinating ground operations with air traffic and designating safe zones and time slots, each research institution could carry out tests and measurements in comfortable conditions in accordance with the prepared test programme.

Aerodrome and the ATZ
Entities connected with air traffic, whose purpose is to conduct flight tests in manned aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, are offered safe airspace around the aerodrome. Kąkolewo has its own aerodrome traffic zone (Kąkolewo ATZ) allowing for air traffic control at a safe distance from the aerodrome. It also features aerodrome services such as a fuel station and hangars. In addition, during the previously conducted research projects, the aerodrome administrator established geographical zones for unmanned aerial vehicles and temporary segregated/reserved areas (TSA/TRA).

So far, the testing ground has been used by:
Air Force Institute of Technology
Poznan University of Technology
Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre
HAX Hydraulics
SMETS Technology GmbH
Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o.

Each offer is prepared individually. An enquiry form can be accessed by clicking the CONTACT tab.

Research facilities of Poznan University of Technology and Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre

A separate offer for research entities and institutions was prepared by Poznan University of Technology and Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre.

As part of the AEROSPHERE. The Airport of Things project, laboratory and research facilities were built. The infrastructure created as a result of the project is available in line with general conditions to all entities willing to cooperate in the areas for which the Aerosphere was established.

More information can be found on both institutions’ websites.