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As part of its growth, the aerodrome area is used not only for training, research and development in airspace. The offer also includes sports, training, commercial and event services. We have the capability to organise events, such as air picnics with aerobatic shows, bike rallies, family festivals and other outdoor events.

The aerodrome zones are open not only to professional entities or public institutions, but also to local residents and people interested in aviation. We take pleasure in hosting everyone who wants to get to know and observe the behind-the-scenes work of the aerodrome. For large groups, such as schools or kindergartens, it is possible to visit the aerodrome and get to know it from a completely different angle.

The aerodrome also cooperates with various public services, such as fire service, state emergency medical services and police, in the range of exercises conducted in the event of an emergency occurring at the aerodrome or in its adjacent area.

In order to establish cooperation, we encourage you to contact us using the CONTACT tab.