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Aeroport is a certified entity authorised to manage a public aerodrome with limited certification.

Our enterprise was founded in 2015 and its main shareholders are Poznan Aero Club and Poznan University of Technology. In 2019, Aeroport carried out the certification process of the aerodrome in Kąkolewo. The aerodrome with the ICAO code: EPPG was entered into the register of public aerodromes by the decision of the President of the Civil Aviation Authority.
Last year, as a result of the certification process, Aeroport became the administrator of the second aerodrome near Poznań – Poznań-Bednary EPPB. Here, as part of airport administration, we cooperate with its main user, the Sky Camp Parachute Association.

Currently, as part of a 5-member team, we are responsible for managing the aerodrome in Kąkolewo.

Our responsibilities as the public aerodrome administrator include:

  • operating the aerodrome in a way that ensures flight safety and efficiency of service for aerodrome users,
  • maintaining the aerodrome and its components in a state corresponding to the technical conditions specified by the competent authority and in accordance with the data entered in the register of aerodromes.
  • operating the aerodrome by the aerodrome operational duty officer, ground traffic coordinator and aerodrome maintenance service, inspections of ground movement area,
  • developing and constant updating of the aerodrome operation manual,
  • making available to airport users the information contained in the aerodrome operation manual,
  • organising the rescue and fire protection system of the aerodrome,
  • coordinating the work of the aerodrome security team,
  • developing the aerodrome management system,
  • defining the limits of the airside and supervising access to it,
  • organising the aerodrome security system against acts of unlawful interference,
  • monitoring and taking action to remove aviation obstructions.

In addition, as part of cooperation with the main users of the aerodrome in Kąkolewo, which are Poznan University of Technology, Poznan Aero Club and Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Centre, we conduct activities and undertakings in a broader scope regarding:

  • modernisation and development of aerodrome infrastructure,
  • carrying out construction work at the aerodrome improving the safety of air operations and its accessibility,
  • wcooperation with local authorities (including Grodzisk Wlkp. Town Council, Grodzisk Wlkp. County Council) – taking initiatives in the range of investments around the aerodrome (road schemes, transmission networks, etc.),
  • cooperation with emergency services as part of the aerodrome rescue and fire protection system (including County Police Headquarters in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, County State Fire Service Headquarters).

In Kąkolewo, we provide aerodrome services in the range of hangaring aircraft and providing/renting the aerodrome for the purposes of conducting research work (research ground), organising picnics and events. We regularly cooperate with local educational institutions – we organise tours of aerodrome facilities, presentations of aviation equipment, as well as give lectures and talks aimed at broadening knowledge about aviation, aviation technology and professional development opportunities.
Currently, at the request of Poznan University of Technology, we are running a series of classes for technical secondary school students from the Wielkopolska Region – part of the “Time for Professionals” project.

Certificates held:
Aerodrome certificate (ADRC) for the administration of Kąkolewo EPPG (2019)
Aerodrome certificate (ADRC) for the administration of Poznań-Bednary EPPB (2022)